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Beauty Industry Standards, What The Hell?

Hello! This is the first edition of the Pose A Question series on this blog. It’s all about asking a question for the day, and some rambling about it. A better description is in my About page. Let’s move on on, shall we?

One of the biggest things that really pisses me off about the Beauty Industry, especially in the drugstore, is the lack of shades in nearly every range. I’m the palest of pale, a little ghost, and it’s always pretty hard to find a shade light enough to work for me in foundation and concealer. I’ve found a few gems, thank goodness, but I look at the rest of the options and it stops after “tan” in a lot of brands. Like, what the hell? Can my dark sisters and brothers please get some more options? Cool toned, warmed toned, neutral toned options. Dark to very dark options. Stop calling shades “coffee” or “espresso”, is that not uncool? Make these shades more widely accessable, make all the sisters feel like they have options, let everyone feel beautiful. Representation needs to be everywhere. I don’t get why a lot of drugstore brands don’t already do this; they would open the doors for a wider range of customers. Wouldn’t that benefit the brands in the long run?

So, to the drugstore (and highend, you’re not excused) brands, create a wider range of skintone options. There is more than Ivory-Sun Biege or some shit like that. Let everyone be included.

Anastasia Beverly Hills World Traveler Palette: Check This Out

Hello!!!!!! It has been over a month since my last post and oh gosh, did I miss this. In a nutshell, I got a new job very unexpectedly, adopted a new cat (who now rules the house btw) and got through summer mid-terms. I’m back at it again now, finally!

I did a little (actually a lot) of shopping over the past month, and one of the items that I was luck enough to pick up is this new baby from Anastasia Beverly Hills, the World Traveler palette, which is one of the shadow cotoure palettes. I kept seeing this all over instagram, and fell in love with all the looks I was seeing. I went to my local Ulta last Thursday and I snagged the last one!! The last one, until the next shipment came in this Sunday. I was too impatient and excited to wait, of course.

It’s so pretty! I cannot get over the silky texture of these. There are only two shades that I am disappointed with, Heirloom and Spoiled. I would have liked to see Heirloom have more of the pink glitter in it, because I think it would have made it more unique. Spoiled is kinda the same way, and I think it isn’t as pigmented as the rest of the palette for some reason. The rest of the shadows are killer in their pigmentation. My favorites in the palette are Morocco, Azure, Intense Gaze and Noir. Noir looks pretty standard in the pan, but this is soooo pigmented it’s not even funny. These shadows do wear very well throughout the day too. Here is a close up of the shadows:

They are stunning. I want to do looks with this in the near future, although I’ve already warn this a few times. I love Morocco in the crease winged out, with Bellini all over the lid, Noir and Fudge mixed into the outer corner, Azure on the lower lashline and Morocco blended uner azure. So stunning. Here are some swatches:

Noir, Fudge, Morocco and Soft Peach are all matte, and super pigmented. Morocco is a beautiful orangey-brown, noir is obviously black as black can possibly be in an eyeshadow, fudge is a warm-toned dark chocolately brown and Soft Peach is exactly as the name describes, a soft peach that is splendid for blending out the edges of any of the darker shades.

Metallic, Intense Gaze, Azure, Bellini and Chic are a satin/shimmer finnish, and they would look even more shimmery on the eyes when wet. Metallic is an odd, almost greenish/yellow gold shade that is actually stunning. Don’t underestimate the “odd” shades, often they are stellar shadows. Intense Gaze is a mesmirizing shade, a warm pinky shade that is a little hard to describe. It’s just beautiful. Azure is an ocean blue, one of my personal favorite shades. A lot of palettes that have this type of shade really do not do them justice, but this one definitely does. Bellini is a warm tan shade, one which I think comes off more as a satin finish. Chic is a silvery shade that would be great used in a halo eye in the middle of the lid and lower lashline.

Pink Champagne is so pigmented and so shimmery. It doesn’t have nearly any fallout, which I was pleasantly surprised by. It’s just what you’d expect, a pinky champagne color. It’s beautiful layered over Intense Gaze.

Spoiled and Heirloom are matte shades that have flecks of glitter in them. Spoiled is a midtoned beigy shade with the glitter being slightly darker. Heriloom is a dark purple with pink glitter, which would be soo much better with more glitter I think. I’ll keep trying these shades to see if there’s good ways to use them.

Bonus; the packaging is gorgeous. It comes with a dual-ended brush. One side is a fluffy brush, which is great for blending. The other side has a dense, synthetic rounded brush. I love to use that side to pack on shadow in the outer corner. The brush it actually very good quality, which is to be expected from a high-end beauty brand. Overall, I give this palette an A-, only because I was a little disappointed in Spoiled and Heirloom. It is going to be amazing for both day and night looks, given the variety of shades and the mattes in the palette. I am in love with this.



Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days!! I’ve been trying to adopt a pet for so long, and the past few days my search had intensified.
Today I adopted Embri, my new kitty!! I’m super exited to bring her into my life. She has already designated my laptop to be her napping space. I’ll be back to posting soon! May favorites will be up this week!

Meet Embri!

Wednesday Wantings & Wishes 5/27

It’s been a week since my last WWW post! Whoo! As mentioned last week, the purpose of these posts is not to be all like “Ooohhh I want that! I wish I did/had that!” but to talk about a want/wish in the sense of making it a goal. Writing about it every week keeps it in mind, and the more you talk about the things you wish to accomplish or want, I think the easier it is to make your mindset one of action instead of a sitting duck, ya know?

Anyway! On with it! I have to admit that I have a serious love for coffe, especially for making various drinks. For this week I was inspired to talk about this after feverishly chasing barista jobs (I have in interview at my local Starbucks on Friday eeekkk!!!) for five weeks now, I decided to scroll through Pinterest and look at coffee. Coffee recipes, latte art, and various little homey-DIY setups. Those were so freaking cool! Check it out:

Coffee Station 1
This is so cool! I’d replace the neon sign with pictures of dogs most likely. #crazydoglady

Pretty sweet right?! I would love to build it myself, that way it would be 100% customizable, hopefully. I really like the wheels on it too, because I see myself being the kind of person to switch things up in my living space. I would find an espresso machine of course, and make homemade syrups and sauces! I just love making coffee drinks. Something about it is so fun to me. Maybe it’s the smell of the coffee, or the endless possibilities of drinks.

If you’ve never tried making your own cafe-like drinks at home before, I highly recommend trying it out. It might even become a hobby for you too! Besides, who wouldn’t want to make their own caramel lattes (basically ambrosia for me) at home, or white mochas? If you read this, try it out! It’s not nearly as difficult as it seems. I’d like to make a little video of my experiments eventually.

Anyway, I hope you guys are having a great week. Mine’s had its ups and downs, but after writing this post and thinking about little goals and all, I feel way better and more confident that things will improve in due time.

Peace, Pups


(PS I’m hey_its_tay on Pinterest)

Sunday Night Skincare

Hey Pups,

I wanted to end the week on a good note to end my first week of this blog (holy shit, this is too much fun), so I wanted to share these awesome skincare bits. On a side note, I have very combination acne prone skin with my acne steming from the hormones of my birth control. While my skin flared up really bad, and I’m talking worse than it has ever been in my life, right after I got my birth control in mid-January, these products that I’m going to talk about have seriously helped me out and get my skin under control for the most part.

To start it off, let me tell you what I start with:

This stuff smells absolutely divine. Almost want to taste it, ha! ;)
This stuff smells absolutely divine. Almost want to taste it, ha! 😉

I have never come across a cleansor more nourishing and hydrating than this one. It smells like honey, and not like the kind you buy from the grocery store, but the kind of honey that comes straight off of a fresh honeycomb. It doesn’t dry out the skin at all, and when you wash it off it doesn’t leave any film at all. It leaves you feeling super fresh, plus your face smells like honey so your honey will appreciate that (haha! See what I did there?).

Other than that little thing, I don’t use anything else that requires being washed off. It saves me time that way. Moving on, after cleansing I go in with this spot treatment from Murad. This is thing works like a charm! It’s great, it dries out really bad spots and after two or so nights the spot is totally gone. The only issue with this product is that it can be a little harsh, so I only use this on major spots.


Following the spot treatment, I go in with a product from Clinic that I just have to take a moment to describe to you. I consulted a lady at my local Ulta (We just got one here!! Super stoked!!) and asked her what the best thing for acne scarring would be. She recommended this product, which you smooth over your face just like a face cream. So far, it’s brilliant. No complaints, and it’s done a pretty great job.


I finish everything off with a gel moisturizer from Clinic, and pat it gently into the skin. It works great under makeup as a base, after waiting 10 minutes for it to really set it. It leaves no greasy feeling and sets into the skin beautifully.


That’s about it for the daily! I do this twice a day, the same thing morning and night. Two to three times a week I will add in the Tea Tree Oil face mask from The Body Shop. This stuff is fucking great! If my skin is super acting up, I will throw this on for 10-15 minutes and wash it up. It tingles on the skin, and your skin looks better as soon as you take it off.


Plus, it’s bright green, even though it doesn’t quite show up like that on camera. I hope this inspires anyone to go out and try some of these products, because they’re really great.  Thanks for reading, and have a great one.

Peace, Pups


Wednesday Wantings & Wishings

New little creature: Wednesday Wantings & Wishings

I was thinking the other day, that a lot of people are constantly wanting or wishing for things. This can be good or bad, it’s all a case-by-case scenario of course (Please stop wishing to get back with your ex- they’re no good for you. Continue wishing for dogs) and I had to stop and reflect a bit. What do I wish for? What do I want? I’m talking silly little things, all the way to the big stuff. So with that in mind, I created this new segment on my blog; Wednesday Wantings & Wishes. This is where I will express something I’m wanting/wishing for, things related to everything from fashion, beauty, health, all the way to life stuff like graduating and making The Big Move (what I’m calling my future move to Seattle). So, I’ll stop my rambling and get on with it.

For the first edition of Wednesday Wantings & Wishes, I’m wanting a new bookself. The amount of books I currently have, and will no doubt continue to purchase, is becoming alarming. It’s not like I’m buying tons and tons of books, but I have a small bedroom with two half-sizes bookselfs; one is segmented into three shelves, the other into six square cubbies. They are so not enough space!

I have this crazy old, and I’m talking 100+ years, run-down desk. It’s not even supposed to be a desk; it is a vanity/dresser, that has a mirror somewhere in this house that sits suspended on top of it. I’m using it as a desk, although I absolutely never use it. It takes up a ridiculous amount of the limited space I have, it’s pretty lame. First world problem, right? I do almost all of my homework/leisure on my bed, on my laptop. My mom just will not get rid of it; so she plops it into my room. Recently she said I could move it out of my room, and she’d find a new place for it in the house. I was so glad! It’s ugly, falling apart, and poor use of space.

So that’s that, a bookshelf. A black one to match the other to tiny ones I already have. It’ll be tall, shiney and beautiful. It will replace that stupid old desk, and it will look fucking magnificent with all of my books on it. Pride and joy.

Something like this. SO. BEAUTIFUL. My heart
Something like this. SO. BEAUTIFUL. My heart

Thanks for tuning in to this. I think it’s good to think about wants and wishes, because then at some point you can find the drive to turn them into full-fledged goals. So, if anyone is reading this, what is your want or wish for the week? I hope you think about it.

Peace, Pups


First Ever Outfit Post

Very warm day calls for light-weight clothes
Very warm day calls for light-weight clothes

This is such an easy thing to wear, even though it may not seem like it. The T-shirt on top and my patterned shorts are from Forever21, which I got both over a year ago.

No Thanks! Seriously. No thanks.
No Thanks! Seriously. No thanks.
This is a pretty long T-shirt, so I tucked the front of it in my shorts and rolled the sides of it inward. I left the tail end out, made for a pretty casual vibe.
This is a pretty long T-shirt, so I tucked the front of it in my shorts and rolled the sides of it inward. I left the tail end out, made for a pretty casual vibe.
Side view of the tuck.
Side view of the tuck.

Paired with simple black slip-ons, it was a relaxed outfit. Not my usual thing, but with the weather so flipping hot where I live (80 degrees is hot to me) this was best for the day. Both the shirt and shors are made of thin, breathable material so thankfully I haven’t melted. Yet.

Peace, Pups


A Little Bit Of An Introduction

Hey there! Whilst scrolling through recommended blogs and looking around for inpiration, I realized that I should first introduce myself. Since, of course, anyone reading this I will presume knows nothing about me. So, here’s ten facts about me that might be good to know. Really I’m in a chatty mood and its 2 AM, so I can’t exactly run around in my house.


If you didn’t read my about page, and it’s totally cool, I am a university student. I’m majoring in psychology and thinking about minoring in communications. I am set on track to graduate early (I just ended my freshman year with sophomore standing) by a year, and I take classes all year round. I love being a student, I really do, but I’m excited to finish already.


I have two wonderful dogs, a Brittany spaniel and a shih tzu-yorkie mix. They each have their own unique personalities and they make my little heart super happy.


I have a stupid amount of lipstick, I really do, and I shouldn’t ever buy any more but let’s be honest here lipstick is one of the many things I live for. I am really in to darker colors, and reds, but wasn’t able to really pull them off until I dyed my mousey blonde hair to a dark brunette. Now it looks pretty fucking rad if you ask me.


Combat boots/little black booties are my obsession. Maybe because it is the inner punkiness coming out of me that I wasn’t really able to express until about a year ago, maybe it’s just because they go with literally everything. Most likely a mix of both.


I drink coffee at odd hours of the night, almost never in the morning. That is probably what leads to late-night blogging sessions like this one.


I have waaaaay too many band t-shirts and sweaters for one person. Is it reasonable? Nope. Will I continue to buy them? You’re damn right I will.


I think of myself as a pretty quite person on the outside, and fully believe that only a handful of people in my life really know me as a person. It’s in the details, folks.


Do you ever have those moments where you’re cleaning your room and you end up staring at a section of your bookshelf of multiple books you haven’t read yet? Guilty as charged. I have so many books that I will need to make room for another bookshelf in my room pretty soon.


I seriously enjoy rainy, cloudy weather. It puts me in such a good mood. I am destined to get out of my current state and move to Seattle, which is a goal that I plan on achieving a year or two after graduation. The town I live in is far too small, and I run in to people I’d rather not run in to. A clean, fresh start is definitely in my future.


I’m trying to come to terms with letting go. Of simple, small things and catastrophic things that take up far too much space in my life. It’s a work in progress, but progress nontheless.

Thanks for reading. Peace, Pups


New Beginnings

I can start this out with one great big hello! These intros can be a drag, with the same old stuff of “Hi, hello, welcome to my blog” so I will skip that and jump into why I’m starting this little creature. This blog is going to be my creative outlet, my source for putting out the things I like, and I’m talking mainly fashion and makeup, but I will throw in occasional lifestyle stuff (once I actually achieve one).

It’s a journey. I’m not doing it for views/an audience in particular, but you’re welcome to come along with me. I think this will be one more thing to help me learn about myself, and I’m pretty young, so why the hell not, right?

Come along for the ride if you’d like.

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